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Open roles in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Arkansas, Charlotte, Los Angeles, and Jacksonville.

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The Story of 49 Financial

Our Standards

We are challengers, not skeptics.

We acknowledge problems so that we can solve them. We welcome challengers within the organization because that is how we all get better. We do not offer critiques without thoughtful solutions.

We fail fast.

In the pursuit of excellence, we know that we will make mistakes, but we do not allow that to paralyze us. We act, we learn, we refine. We don’t wait for change, we are the change.

We acknowledge human dignity in pursuit of human flourishing.

We believe that everyone is someone’s hero, and we treat them that way. We believe that each individual is uniquely gifted and our aim is to cultivate those gifts so that they, and the communities around them may flourish.

We pick each other up.

When someone is down, we do not exploit them. We do not gossip. There is no room for shame. We pursue them with an “Ahava” love that seeks their restoration.

We embrace a responsible mindset.

We take ownership of what happens and do not blame others. We are not victims. We are not defined by our circumstances. We control what we can; Attitude & Effort.

We believe in delayed gratification.

We know the work done today will pay off in the future. We focus on developing deep roots for sustainable, replicable growth in any season, not simply immediate fruit.

We do what we say we will.

We follow through on our commitments to our clients and each other.

We endeavor to be whole persons.

We strive towards excellence by improving in all areas of life and not just business. We believe in “both, and” and do not settle for “either, or.”

We acknowledge our faults.

We recognize that we are all imperfect, broken individuals, each seeking continued growth. We are not defensive, but open about where we need continued improvement. We do not operate out of insecurity, but confidence that we are better together.

We adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

We own all the problems, and we create the solutions. We are here to drive the change we want to see, and because of this we hold ourselves to the standard of excellence and never settle for less.

“I wake everyday feeling extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve my clients and define success as a female in this industry- I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to do that anywhere but at 49 Financial.”

Rachel Gurinsky

“49 Financial as a company is for the flourishing of its clients, the advisors, and the communities we are a part of, which make it so easy to wake up passionate for the day ahead.”

Tim Rodgers

“49 Financial has given me the daily opportunity to create more intentional relationships as clients are humbly served, advisors are fearlessly led, and family/friends are deeply loved.”

Michael Wuest

Austin, Texas


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