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Start the journey towards peace of mind over your finances today.

Here at 49 Financial

49 Financial is working toward revolutionizing the financial services industry for the better through our associates’ fierce loyalty, steadfast integrity, selfless teamwork, abundant gratitude, and deep conviction. We want to be the catalysts to bring the focus back to people, themselves. We believe in the power that comes from planning for finances together, rather than alone, for both our clients and our associates so we all get a better return for our labor.

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Core Values


Our motto: “Two are Better than One”


Our protection against greed and ego.


Our commitment to stay true to our word, even when it costs us.


Our pursuit of our very best every time.


Our commitment to being ourselves in every situation.


Planning now, so you’re prepared later.


Love your family well, by planning for them.

Financial Planning

Live more confidently through an understanding of your financial future.

49 Financial Retirement Check-Up

Many people save, but few feel confident they planned for all details of retirement. We created 49 Financial® Retirement Check-Up to solve that problem.

The Mindset Forge Podcast – “Travis Penfield: The Heart of a CEO”

Our CEO, Travis Penfield, got a chance to be featured on “The Mindset Forge.” The podcast where Barton Bryan interviews passionate people from various disciplines to find out what they have overcome to find their passion.


Build your career while helping others.

Revolutionizing how finance serves their clients.

Find my financial professional

We meet you where you are. 49 Financial serves clients nationwide, and our financial professionals can travel directly to you, no matter what city you live in.

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Our Employee Stories

“I have never loved my job like I have loved my job at 49 Financial. This company is truly unique and the sky is the limit for us!”

Jeff Salladin

“I wake everyday feeling extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve my clients and define success as a female in this industry- I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to do that anywhere but at 49 Financial.”

Rachel Gurinsky

“49 Financial as a company is for the flourishing of its clients, the advisors, and the communities we are a part of, which make it so easy to wake up passionate for the day ahead.”

Tim Rodgers

“49 Financial has given me the daily opportunity to create more intentional relationships as clients are humbly served, advisors are fearlessly led, and family/friends are deeply loved.”

Michael Wuest

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Lifelong financial guidance

Critical analyses with thoughtful solutions

Relentless pursuit of accountability and excellence