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Our Meeting process

Learn about our holistic approach to financial planning.


Finances are personal and we believe that if we are going to serve our clients well, we need to know them well. This is why our process begins with getting to know our clients on a deeper level and letting you get to know us.


Because every person’s needs and goals are different, our second meeting involves getting a feel for your current situation and what you’re trying to accomplish so that we know how to design the best plan to get you there.


After working alongside our investment specialists to design strategies that have been specifically tailored to your unique goals, your advisor will walk through them with you so that you can understand where you are and the options for your future. So you can rest easy knowing that your plans were made by an advisor that knows you and is committed to partnering with you in the process.


Our commitment to “Two are Better than One” doesn’t end when we’ve agreed upon a strategy designed to help you achieve your goals. You can have the peace of knowing your advisor is watching both the markets and your accounts, and will regularly meet up with you to update you on their activity and ensure they meet your current needs.


Planning now, so you’re prepared later.

• Fixed Income
• Equity Investments
• Retirement
• Education Planning


Love your family well, by planning for them.

• Life Insurance
• Long term care
• Disability

Financial Planning

Live more confidently through an understanding of your financial future.

• Personal Planning
• Business Planning

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