Welcome to the 49 Financial Client Satisfaction survey.

Before you begin, we want to say thank you for joining us in revolutionizing finance together. We wholeheartedly believe in the idea that Two Are Better Than One, and in that same vein, we welcome and appreciate client feedback.

This very brief, 8-question survey will help us to determine where, in our work of engaging lives and making a positive impact, we are both experiencing success, as well as identify places where we can do even more to make our client experience truly unique to the industry.

For each of the questions below, please choose from one of the five response options. Please note that the final question is optional, but has been set aside as a place for our clients to give us even more specific feedback. When you have completed the survey, simply click 'Submit' at the bottom of the page.


Thanks for your time, and welcome to 49 Financial!  

1. Rate your satisfaction with the ease of your process in joining 49 Financial as a client *
2. Rate your satisfaction with the clarity of the meeting process *
3. Rate your satisfaction with how clear and easy to understand the recommendations of your strategy/plan were *
4. Rate your satisfaction with the presentation of 49's values and beliefs *
5. Rate your satisfaction with the breadth of planning topics/concepts that your financial professional can assist with *
6. Rate your satisfaction with your review process on how well it answered your follow up questions and updated you on the status/performance of your accounts *
7. Rate your satisfaction with the review process for how well it addressed your new concerns/recommendations/information *
8. Rate your satisfaction with 49 Financial as a whole *
9. Rate your satisfaction with your advisor(s) specifically *

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